Zoom provides video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging for synchronous classroom and meeting experiences.

Faculty and staff will receive a Zoom Pro account, students will receive a Zoom Basic account. Zoom Basic is restricted to 100 participants and 40 minute maximum length meetings. Zoom Pro accounts can have 300 participants with unlimited time for meetings. Only those hosting or scheduling meetings are required to have a Zoom account. Attendees can participate in meetings without Zoom accounts.

All UA Zoom users should transition to log Into Zoom with SSO. Using SSO allows users to log in with their myBama credentials rather than a unique username and password. Beginning Dec. 22, 2021 all users must log into Zoom using SSO.

Get Started with Zoom

About Zoom at UA – Learn more about Zoom on the OIT website.
Zoom Best Practices for Instructors – Review CIT’s recommendations for Best Practices in Zoom
Zoom Best Practices for Students – Review CIT’s recommendations for students using Zoom

Scheduling Zoom Sessions

Zoom Training Reference Guide – Resource Guide
Schedule a Zoom Meeting – Meet one time with a unique meeting ID
Schedule Recurring Zoom Meetings – Meet multiple using the same meeting ID and settings

Recording Zoom Sessions

Choosing between Zoom and Panopto – Which recorder should you use?
Zoom Quick Guide – Printable reference sheet to record, retrieve, and upload to Blackboard
Using Zoom in the Classroom – Video guide for what to do when you get to the podium: adjust equipment and sanitize, sign in, press record, stop & upload
Record Zoom Meetings in the Classroom –  Always upload to the cloud in the classroom for faster and more convenient processing
Record Zoom Meetings to Your Computer– At home or in your office? You can record to your local computer instead
Generate Audio Transcripts – When recording to the cloud, automatically generate a transcript of your Zoom meeting
Share Zoom Recording with Panopto

Create Secure Zoom Meetings

Avoid ZoomBombing – Review your Zoom settings to host secure meetings & avoid unwanted participants
Best Practices for Secure Meetings

Zoom + Other Instructional Technologies

Uploading Zoom Recordings to Panopto – Connect your two favorite instructional video tools
Add a Zoom Link to Blackboard Learn – Make your Zoom link easy to find for your students
Add a Zoom Meeting to Outlook Events – Download the Zoom add-on for web and desktop versions of Outlook

Zoom Tips

Hosting Virtual Office Hours with Zoom – Create a space and time to meet with students
UA Virtual Backgrounds – Bring the Capstone to your meeting with a themed virtual background
Tips to Improve Zoom Audio & Video with Low Bandwidth
Using Zoom for Group and Individual Presentations
Sharing Screen Using iPad or iPhone – What to do when AirPlay doesn’t work

How do you make Breakout Rooms less boring? – A Teaching in Higher Ed blogpost by Bonni Stachowiak.

Teaching Effectively with Zoom – A Teaching in Higher Ed podcast featuring Dan Levy

Zoom Session Features

Breakout Rooms
Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms
Non-verbal Feedback
Virtual Backgrounds
Sharing a Screen

Update Zoom

Updated software is secure software. Keep your software updated by regularly performing software upgrades.  By updating to the latest version, you will receive security patches and updates to ensure the security of your computer and also your meetings. Visit the Zoom website for instructions on how to update.

Zoom and Privacy Rights

All meetings held in Zoom that include course content or student information are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Detailed information on FERPA compliance for classes held in Zoom is available on the Faculty FAQ page of healthinfo.ua.edu.

Additional Information

Zoom Support
How to Zoom YouTube Videos
Zoom Quick Start Videos
Zoom Troubleshooting

Zoom Security Tips
Zoom HIPAA Compliance
Zoom FERPA Guide

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