Gradescope can be used for evaluating handwritten responses, programming, diagrams, formulae, and other coursework that can be challenging to assess virtually.

Gradescope Tutorials and Resources

View the Gradescope Help site for videos, tutorials and step-by-step guides.

Add Gradescope to Your Blackboard Course

  1. Navigate to the course homepage or other content area in the Blackboard Learn Course you want to associate with Gradescope.
  2. Click Build Content and select Gradescope from the dropdown menu.
  3. Name the link. Do not enable evaluation. You will be able to grade in Gradescope.
  4. Click Submit. You now have a link in your course that both you and your students can use to access Gradescope.

Link Your Blackboard Course to Gradescope

Instructor Resources

Giving Detailed Feedback on Assignments
Writing Formulas and Equations (LaTeX)
Formatting Text (Markdown)
Importing Rubrics
Extending Time Limits
FAQ Guide for delivering remote assessments

Student Resources

Scanning and Submitting Work
Submitting an Assignment
Viewing Your Submission
Submitting a Regrade Request

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