UA’s lecture capture software

Panopto allows instructors to record lectures and automatically upload them to the Course Videos area of a Blackboard course. These recordings most commonly consist of voice capture through the classroom microphone, and screen capture of the lecturer’s computer screen.

Once uploaded, recordings are available to students via streaming online, or through the Panopto mobile app. Students are also able to capture their own recordings and upload to Panopto. Panopto is available in most UA classrooms and available to download to personal computers.

New to Panopto?

Check out our own Panopto intro video. This video showcases everything you need to know to record your first remote lecture with Panopto.

Record Your First Panopto Video

Panopto Support

Panopto Support Center

Review support articles for answers to frequently asked questions. 

Panopto Video Tutorials

View our videos to see Panopto features and tutorials.

Contact Panopto Support

Email or call the 24/7 Panopto support team 855-765-2341.

Panopto Basics

System Requirements (desktop and mobile)
New Panopto Mobile App

Panopto for Instructors

Provision Your Panopto Course – Before a course will appear in your Panopto list of courses, you must provision that course for use with Panopto.
Add Panopto to a Course – What to do when there’s no “Course Videos” link
Installing Panopto on Personal or Work Computer
Quickstart Guide for Classroom Computers – Step by step illustrated tutorial

Choosing between Zoom and Panopto – Which recorder should you use?
Using Panopto in the Classroom – What to do when you get to the podium: adjust equipment and sanitize, sign in, press record, stop & upload
Record Your Lecture from Home – Basics for recording from your [home] office
Live Stream Your Lecture from Home or Classroom – For synchronous lectures

Managing Video Content in Panopto

Uploading Zoom Recordings and Other Media
Copy and Move Recordings within Panopto
Share Recordings in Multiple Courses
Embed Panopto Videos in Blackboard Course
View Session Statistics for Participation Information
Enable Student Recording

Editing Panopto Videos

Navigate the Editor
Editing Basics
Panopto Editing Resources
How to Add and Edit Captions
How to Download Captions

Panopto for Students

Navigate the Viewer
How to Take Notes on a Video
Create Bookmarks in a Video
Viewer Accessibility Features
How to Record with Windows or Mac

Tegrity Migration

Locating Your Migrated Tegrity Content in Panopto

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