Panopto is UA’s lecture capture system.

Panopto allows instructors to record their lectures and have those recordings automatically uploaded to the Course Videos area of their Blackboard courses. These recordings most commonly consist of voice capture through the classroom microphone, and screen capture of the lecturer’s computer screen. Once uploaded, these recordings are available to students via streaming online, or through the Panopto Mobile app. Students are also able to capture their own recordings and upload to Panopto. Panopto is available in most UA classrooms and by download to personal computers.

Tegrity has been discontinued by its parent company, McGraw-Hill. Panopto has been selected to replace Tegrity as UA’s lecture capture solution. Tegrity will remain available to faculty, staff, and students through May 2020.

Do not create new Tegrity recordings. There is no plan to migrate new content to Panopto. Once Tegrity is discontinued (Summer 2020), new content will not be available. If you are a current Tegrity user, you can still find Tegrity resources here.
Record Your Video from Home How-To


System Requirements (desktop and mobile)
Panopto vs. Tegrity
Full Panopto Video Tutorial Library

Panopto for Instructors

Adding Panopto to a Course
Quickstart Guide for Classroom Computers
Installing Panopto on Personal or Work Computer
Recording Your Lecture from Home
Uploading Zoom Recordings and Other Media
Copy and Move Recordings within Panopto (Panopto Video)
Sharing Recordings in Multiple Courses
Enabling Student Recording (Panopto Video)

Editing Panopto Videos

Navigate the Editor (Panopto Video)
Editing Basics (Panopto Video)
Panopto Editing Resources (Panopto Video)
How to Add and Edit Captions (Panopto Video)
How to Download Captions (Panopto Video)

Panopto for Students

Navigate the Viewer (Panopto Video)
How to Take Notes on a Video (Panopto Video)
Create Bookmarks in a Video (Panopto Video)
Viewer Accessibility Features (Panopto Video)

Tegrity Migration

Most Tegrity content has been moved to Panopto at this time. Some content was not moved due to age or usage data, but is still available. If you find that you need Tegrity content migrated to Panoto, please make a request to Provide the name of the video and the course in which the video can be found.  In most cases we will be able to convert that content and add it to Panopto. Please allow time for your request to be processed. If you have an immediate need for un-migrated Tegrity content, you can still share those videos with your students via Tegrity for the remainder of the semester

Locating Your Migrated Tegrity Content in Panopto