Starting July 1, 2024, the Flip platform will no longer be available in mobile app stores, and the Flip website ( will transition to view-only mode. Users will still have access to download existing Flip videos until September 30, 2024.   Learn more. 

Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a video discussion tool instructors can embed in a Blackboard course.

Instructors use Flip to build discussion around shared media: recorded, uploaded, and linked videos, photos, GIFs, emoji, and even files and activities from other apps. Instructors and students view and respond to each others’ contributions by adding video, audio, and comments.

Members of the UA community have free access to Flip through our Microsoft Office 365 license.

Teaching with Flip

To get started, visit the Flip site . Select Sign up, then select Sign up with Microsoft, then enter your or email address and password.

Getting Started with Flip for Instructors (Leads) (article)

Getting Started with Flip (video)

Flip Educator Toolkit

Flip Blog

Flexing Flip – There’s More to Flip than Intro Discussions (A pdf of Idea starters and help resources.).

Flip Guides and Resources

Step-by-step guides, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Student Resources

Flip for Members

Instructor Resources

Flip for Leads

Flip Support

Technical and access issues

Members of the UA community have free access to Flip through our Microsoft Office 365 license. For login and other access issues, contact the IT Service Desk . For other Flip needs, contact CIT.

UA Online instructors and students should contact UA Online Technical Support .

Teaching and learning

CIT can help you find creative and effective ways to integrate Flip and other instructional technologies into your classroom or online course. Contact CIT to schedule a one-on-one consultation or an instruction session for your group.

Flip Workshops and Webinars

CIT offers workshops, webinars, and individual and group training on Flip and other UA instructional technologies.

Empower Every Voice with Flip(grid) – A webinar recorded 2021 specifically for UA presented by Ann Kozma of Flipgrip (now called Flip).

CIT Workshops

Workshops and webinars from CIT and our vendor partners.

Flip Events

Getting Started with Flip and other training sessions from Flip.