Simple Syllabus is UA’s online syllabus platform.

The University of Alabama is adopting a new syllabus tool, Simple Syllabus, launched April 17, 2023 and will be used for Summer 2023 and future terms.

Simple Syllabus populates section information and materials, as well as instructor information, from other UA systems, such as CourseLeaf and Banner. Pertinent institutional policies and guidelines will be included on the syllabus by default. Instructors can edit a section syllabus from within a Blackboard course or directly in Simple Syllabus and are able to see how extensively students have explored the syllabus.

The University of Alabama Syllabus Policy calls for section instructors to publish a syllabus in the online syllabus management tool (Simple Syllabus) on or before the first day the class meets. All sections MUST have a published syllabus, including independent study, thesis, dissertation, internship, and other sections that may not have posted a syllabus in the past. Course leaders, instructional designers, college/departmental administrators, and administrative assistants should not publish syllabi on behalf of instructors. Section information including instructor and course materials, is imported into Simple Syllabus from Banner and CourseLeaf CIM overnight and appears in Simple the following day.

Simple Syllabus Guides and Resources

Visit the CIT Knowledge Base for step-by-step guides, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Instructor Resources

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Simple Syllabus Support

Syllabus content and status reports

Issues with template information and requests for corrections can be addressed to the Registrar’s Office.
Status reports regarding syllabus status are available for administrators through the Registrar’s Office.

Technical and access issues

The Center for Instructional Technology provides technical support for Simple Syllabus at UA. Contact CIT for Simple Syllabus help.

Teaching and learning

CIT can help you find creative and effective ways to integrate Simple Syllabus and other instructional technologies into your classroom or online course. Contact CIT to schedule a one-on-one consultation or an instruction session for your group.

Simple Syllabus Workshops and Webinars

CIT offers workshops, webinars, and individual and group training on Simple Syllabus and other UA instructional technologies.

On-Demand Recording – View a recorded Simple Syllabus Information session (11:12) by Dr. Rachel Thompson.

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