Blackboard Learn is the University of Alabama’s Learning Management System (LMS).

With Blackboard, instructors deliver course content such as PDFs, images, and videos; as well as assignments and tests to students which can be graded within Blackboard. Discussion boards, email, and course messages provide a means for conversation between students, and with instructors and TAs.

UA’s instance of Blackboard Learn will move from being hosted in Blackboard’s data centers to being hosted in the cloud, a hosting strategy otherwise known as software as a service (SaaS). Moving to SaaS allows for flexibility, scalability, resilience and innovation. The move to Saas will enable the Ultra Base Navigation Experience, but courses will stay in the Original View at this time. Blackboard Learn will be unavailable starting August 5 and will resume service by 5 pm on August 13. Our teams will be working diligently during this time window to perform the upgrade as quickly as possible.

Upcoming Blackboard Workshops
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Preparing to Use Blackboard

Tests and Testing Tips

Creating Tests in Blackboard
Creating Tests in Blackboard webinar (recorded Mar 25, 2020)
Creating Extended Time or Make-Up Exams in Blackboard (ODS Accommodations)
Testing Tips for Instructors
Testing Tips for Instructors (video)
Testing Tips for Students
Importing Testing Services Results into Blackboard Learn Grade Center
Copy a Test Between Blackboard Courses
Test Security with Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor
Respondus Test Management Tool (PC Only)

The Blackboard Grade Center

Blackboard Advanced for Instructors – Setting Up the Grade Center (video)
Download a Copy of the Grade Center from Blackboard
Hide Grade Center Columns from Students
Hide Grade Center Columns from the Instructor
Blackboard Grading Schemas
Importing Testing Services Results into Blackboard Learn’s Grade Center
Using the Attendance Tool
Entering Midterm or Final Grades in Blackboard Grade Center

Blackboard and myBama

Importing Final and Midterm Grades from Blackboard into MyBama
Assigning Non-Attendance Grade Reason in MyBama
Non-Attendance Grade Requirements (from Registrar)

Blackboard Features

Creating Assignments
Inline Grading with BB Annotate
Using the Attendance Tool
Change Availability and Due Dates with Date Management Tool
Create a Rubric
Create a Rubric Evaluation Report
Embed a Twitter Feed in a Blackboard Course
Hide Courses in the My Courses Module
Set a Course Entry Point
Submission Receipts in Blackboard
Monitor Student Success with The Blackboard Retention Center
Using the Blackboard Calendar
Blackboard Calendar and Notifications (Video)
Communication Features in Blackboard Learn webinar (Recorded Mar 27, 2020)
Blackboard’s Text Message and Email Notification Settings
Add a Zoom Meeting to Your BBL Course
Add a Flipgrid to Your Blackboard Course

The Blackboard Instructor App
Blackboard Browser Checker
Clear Your Cache (CIT Video)

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally for LMS helps make digital course content more accessible by automatically providing alternative formats (such as semantic HTML, audio, ePub, and electronic Braille) and providing instructor feedback and guidance on fixing accessibility issues in a course.

Ally for LMS Help for Students
Ally for LMS Help for Instructors

Downloading Student Work from Blackboard

FERPA Notice: Grade data and student work that is downloaded from Blackboard is FERPA-protected material and should be secured appropriately. Consider using Box to store this content.
Download Student Assignments from Blackboard Learn
Download Discussion Board Posts from Blackboard Learn
Download Turnitin Assignments

LMS Retention Policy

LMS Course Retention Policy & FAQ
How to Back Up Blackboard Content as an Instructor
How to Back Up Blackboard Content as a Student

Blackboard Integrations

Information on Blackboard Integrations
Blackboard Integration Request Guidelines

Collaborate Ultra Synchronous Video Conferencing
Gradescope for Grading Hand-written Assignments for Collaborative Annotation
Packback Questions Online Discussion Platform
Panopto Lecture Capture
Turnitin Plagiarism Detector and Feedback Studio
Turning Technologies Interactive Polling
Flipgrid for Asynchronous Collaboration and Interaction

Blackboard Tutorials for Students

Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation

Ultra Base Navigation for Blackboard Learn offers a new way to navigate and access your Blackboard Learn course content that will save you time and help you stay on top of what’s most important. Although the look is new, the course features and workflows remain the same.

Base Navigation for Instructors
Base Navigation Video for Instructors
Base Navigation Guide for Instructors (PDF)
Base Navigation for Students
Base Navigation Video for Students
Base Navigation Guide for Students (PDF)

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