Download student email addresses from the class roster in MyBama to create a contact group, distribution list, LISTSERV, or add collaborators in Box.

These instructions assume your default email client is Outlook. For this technique to work in Outlook for Windows, you will need to copy a semicolon-delimited file from myBama. To select a semicolon-delimited file:

  • Log into myBama, open the Faculty tab, click the Faculty & Advisors link, then the Select Email Delimiter link.
  • In the Select Delimiter dialog, click Semi-colon and press Submit.
  • Close the Select Email Delimiter tab in your browser to return to myBama.
    1. In myBama, click the Faculty tab, then the Faculty & Advisors link in the Banner Self Service channel.
    2. Select Summary Class List.
    3. In the Select Term window that appears, select the correct term and press Submit.
    4. In the Select a CRN window that opens, select the class roster you’d like to copy and press Submit.
    5. The Class Roster will appear. Click the Email Class Link (or icon) at the bottom of the roster.
    6. This will open your default email application, create a new message, and populate the BCC field with the email addresses for your class.
    7. Click in the BCC field, and Select All (ctrl+A), then select Copy (ctrl+C) to copy the list of addresses.
    8. Use these addresses for distribution lists, etc, or save in Box for future reference.