Simple Syllabus Common Questions

The Center for Instructional Technology is the support contact for UA’s new syllabus tool, Simple Syllabus. Here are some answers to the most common questions:

  • Syllabi “due date” notifications are sent a week before, the day of, and a week after a term starts, even if a particular section does not meet until later in the term. Syllabi are due by the first day a class meets.
  • Syllabi are now required for ALL sections, including independent research, thesis hours, dissertation hours, and other sections where syllabi may not have been required previously.
  • Updates from Banner/myBama to Simple Syllabus (examples: the addition or removal of an instructor from a section, the cancellation of a section, submission of course materials, etc) occur overnight.

For more information and the FAQ, visit our knowledge base: CIT Knowledge Base – Simple Syllabus