Instructional Technology News – August 1, 2022

Hello instructors,

This is Melissa from The Center for Instructional Technology with a fresh batch of instructional technology news and tips. The fall semester’s approach brings new subscribers to this list – welcome aboard! Your colleagues in The Center for Instructional Technology provide training, support, workshops, webinars, and consultations for UA’s instructional technologies and technology accessibility. Submit a help request or join us at an upcoming webinar.

Blackboard Learn

Personal Pronouns in Blackboard Learn

UA students and instructors can now specify their personal pronouns and have them appear to other users in Blackboard Learn. Pronouns will appear to other users in various locations of interactive tools, group activities, and name lists. If you do not want others to see your pronouns, select “Not Applicable” from Personal Pronoun menu in myBama. Additional information and steps for making pronoun selections: Personal Pronouns in Blackboard Learn

Blackboard to End Support of Instructor App

CIT has learned that support for the Blackboard Instructor iOS and Android apps will end in September 2022. Instructors, Assistants, and Graders should download the Blackboard app for iOS or Android. More on our website: Blackboard Instructor app support ending, download the Blackboard app

Blackboard Learn Course Term Names Changed

Blackboard Learn course terms are used to define the beginning and end of a period of study. The course term defines where a course appears on the Courses page. Here you can also select a term from the dropdown menu to move between past, current, and upcoming courses. CIT recently revised the course term names to display text labels rather than term codes (e.g., 2022 Spring instead of 202210 and 2022 Fall instead of 202240). Here’s our official announcement: Blackboard Learn course term names changed


Turnitin has discontinued support for gradable peer review assignments. While Turnitin does still have PeerMark capabilities, peer reviews no longer have their own grade columns. For gradable peer review, instructors might explore Flip, Blackboard Learn’s peer assessment tool, or adjust grading practices in Turnitin.

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A personal note

This is my last Instructional Technology News message, as I am departing CIT for a new role with an accessibility non-profit. I’m ever so grateful for CIT and OIT colleagues and for the opportunities I’ve had to work with many of you during my time at UA! Finding creative and effective ways to use technology for teaching and learning remains a passion of mine, and I would love to stay connected on Twitter or LinkedIn. I wish you all a great fall semester. If you need to get in touch with CIT, please submit a help request.