Respondus Lockdown Browser on managed Windows 7/8 Computers

A forthcoming security update for LockDown Browser will affect managed computers running Windows 7 or 8. Officially, these older versions of Windows aren’t supported by LockDown Browser, but Respondus does their best to accommodate these users.


Students using Windows 7/8 with the “student edition” of LockDown Browser on their personal computers will be fine because Respondus will push the required update to them (currently scheduled for April 4, 2022).

Lab Edition

Institutions will encounter problems if they are running Windows 7/8 on managed devices that have the “Lab Edition” of LockDown Browser installed. LockDown Browser updates don’t get pushed to the Lab Edition, and older versions will fail after the security update is implemented in early April.

If running Windows 7/8 on managed devices, the easiest solution is to update to LockDown Browser version or later. If this change isn’t possible, please open a ticket with the Respondus Support team ( and we can suggest another option. Other questions about this issue can also be directed to the Respondus Support team.