RESOLVED – Known Issue: Blackboard Learn Math Editor Display Formulas Overlapping

Update, Wednesday, September 29 at 4:45 PM:

Blackboard recently applied updates to font packages for the MathType Editor to resolve the overlapping symbols issue.

Users still experiencing symbol overlap should follow these steps to make the MathType Editor recognize the new packages:

  • Create a new MathType formula using a font size of 16px or lower and save OR
  • Open a currently corrupted MathType formula, adjust the Font Size in the MathType editor to 16px or lower and save.

This will fix the issue for new MathType formulas created going forward. For Math formulas that are still appearing corrupted, please enter the MathType editor and resubmit to correct. No font size change is needed.

The Blackboard Learn Maths Editor is displaying formulas with symbols overlapping each other and making the formulas hard to read, affecting both students and instructors.