Unavailable assignments/tests do not show in My Grades on Blackboard Mobile App

When accessing My Grades as a student in the Blackboard app, assignments, tests, discussion boards, etc will not show if they are made unavailable.The points awarded for the Test still count toward the student’s total grade.

When accessing My Grades from a web browser, the student can view their grade, attempt, and written feedback from the instructor for all graded items.

UPDATE: This issue will be resolved in the next mBaaS update, which is targeted to be released to production on 4/21/21.  mBaaS fixes do not require any action by end-users or system administrators.  The result of this fix will be that the scores for unavailable Tests will be visible in the Blackboard app.  Students will still be unable to tap on the Test item, which prevents them from viewing their attempt and instructor feedback.