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Receive in-class student responses in real time with mobile polling and clickers.

Turning Technologies provides classroom engagement and assessments that allow students to participate in real-time using their own TurningTech clickers or mobile apps. Interactive polling options are often used for participation points, in-class quizzes, and surveys.

Note: UA supports TurningTechnologies clickers and TurningPoint Mobile. Clickers are handheld devices students use to respond to instructor polling questions. TurningPoint Mobile is an app that allows for students to respond to polling questions using their cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Instructors have the option of requiring just clickers, just the mobile app, or both clickers and TurningPoint Mobile. Both clickers and TurningPoint Mobile require a license purchased by students. Faculty should include the use of clickers and/or TurningPoint Mobile on their course materials forms from the Supe Store.

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Turning Technologies Support

For questions regarding your Turning account contact Turning Technologies Support at:

866.746.3015 or

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TurningPoint Guides for Before, During and After Class


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Clickers and TurningPoint Mobile

For Instructors

Clicker FAQ for Instructors
Steps to Successfully Run PowerPoint Polling in the Classroom
How to View Student Responses
How to Register for a TurningPoint Instructor Account
Polling Anywhere for PC
Adding Clicker Registration to Your Blackboard Course
TurningPoint Mobile: Displaying Response Buttons Only

For Students

Clicker Bundle Tutorial (video)
How to register Your Clicker in Blackboard (video)
Clicker Registration Guide
Clicker FAQ for Students
Using TurningPoint Mobile on a Computer
TurningPoint Mobile for iOS Devices
TurningPoint Mobile for Android Devices
How to Check and Update Your Clicker Firmware
Get TurningPoint Clicker Firmware Updater (PC Only)