Panopto will soon replace Tegrity as UA’s lecture capture system, and is available for use now!

McGraw Hill, Tegrity’s parent company, recently announced that it will discontinue support for Tegrity.  Panopto has been selected to replace Tegrity as UA’s lecture capture solution.  Tegrity will remain available to faculty, staff, and students through December 2019.  It is our intention to migrate much of UA’s recently created Tegrity content as well as content that exists in “private” or “sandbox” courses into Panopto.  The migration of this content into Panopto should require no action from the content creators.  Once this is complete, users will be given the opportunity to request the transfer of any content that was not included in the initial migration.

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Tegrity allows instructors to record their lectures and have those recordings automatically uploaded to the Tegrity Classes area of their Blackboard courses. These recordings most commonly consist of voice capture through the classroom microphone, and screen capture of the lecturer’s computer screen. Once uploaded, these recordings are available to students via streaming online, or through the Tegrity Mobile app. Students are also able to capture their own recordings and upload to their own Tegrity account. Tegrity is available in most UA classrooms and by download to personal computers.

Using Tegrity
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Copying Content
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Captioning Tegrity Recordings

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Retention Policy

UA’s Tegrity Content Retention Policy