Known Issue – Turnitin AI writing detection unavailable

Turnitin’s AI writing detection feature is no longer available in Blackboard.

The AI writing detection report is located in the Similarity area of the Feedback Studio and is only visible to instructors and administrator users. This feature was a temporary addition to our Turnitin environment, and we are not continuing its use based on the feedback.

More Information

The fallibility of AI-detection tools is a large part of the decision to disable Turnitin’s AI detection report. Since it only checked against an older incarnation of ChatGPT, it became outdated very quickly.

We are closely following the activities of other vendors who are exploring ways to help students and instructors address ethical and practical AI use in education and will keep UA instructors apprised of any developments.

In some colleges, departments and programs are suggesting that instructors include syllabus statements addressing their expectations about student use of AI. We have also received recommendations to make sure assignments are designed so that students cannot just submit the generic responses often produced by AI.

Your department, program, or college may have additional guidance available. If you have any questions, please contact CIT through our support portal.