Known Issue: Old Turnitin assignments unsupported

In May 2022, we updated the method used for connecting Blackboard to Turnitin. This update brought some user interface changes and allows for more system updates in the future. Turnitin Support has confirmed that their support for the previous Turnitin tool ended on August 31, 2022. For more information about these changes, please visit our knowledge base article: Changes to Turnitin 2022

Instructors using the previous version of Turnitin should recreate their Turnitin assignments using the following guide: How do I create a new Turnitin assignment?

A message from Turnitin:

As part of Turnitin’s commitment to providing the best possible user experience via our integrations, we will no longer provide support for the Blackboard Basic plugin, and only access will remain to past assignments and submissions via your Blackboard Learn environment. Per previous reminders, the end-of-life date was August 31, 2022.

Along with Blackboard’s plan to end support for all building blocks, this allows us to shift focus on providing a unified LTI 1.3 integration option with access to all Turnitin Feedback Studio features, and without the requirement for institutions to regularly upgrade their experience.