UA has designated more than 60 classrooms and meeting rooms as virtual learning spaces – areas where students can attend online class meetings while on campus.

Ferg Great Room
Ferguson Center Great Room Virtual Learning Area

Spaces have been allocated across campus for students who may need a space to attend an online class while away from their residence hall or off campus housing. Each space features signage indicating the space’s maximum occupancy, times available and rules for using the space.

Available Virtual Learning Spaces

View a list of available virtual learning spaces

View a schedule of learning spaces availability

View a text-only schedule of learning spaces availability

About Virtual Learning Spaces

Each space features signage indicating the maximum occupancy of the space. Signage also indicates the space’s time windows available for online learning. Please review the signage and rules of the virtual learning space upon entry.

In the example below , Bidgood Hall room 15 is available most days for virtual learning. However, on Fridays a face-to-face class is held in the space, so it is not available as a virtual learning space from 11:30am – 2:00pm on Fridays. The schedule of availability is subject to change.

Schedule of virtual learning space
Example of Virtual Learning Space Signage

Virtual Learning Space Etiquette

Several rules must be followed when using a virtual learning space.

  • Use available disinfecting wipes to clean work surface.
  • Masks are required at all times.
  • Students must wear earbuds or headphones while viewing/listening/streaming content.
  • Adhere to social distancing requirements by only occupying the seats indicated as available.
  • When you leave, remember to take all items with you that you brought into the space.
  • Be flexible/prepared to move to a different room if the space transitions from a virtual learning space to a classroom for face-to-face learning.  Also be prepared to move if custodians or maintenance staff need to access the room.


Are virtual learning spaces available 24/7?

No. While the schedule may vary per building, in general these spaces are available between 8:00am – 7:00pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:00am – 5:00pm on Friday. The Ferguson Center Ballroom is open later, until 8:30pm Monday – Thursday. View a schedule of learning spaces availability.

Do I have to wear earbuds in virtual learning spaces?

Yes. Because students in virtual learning spaces will be attending live, online courses, the room could become quite noisy and distracting. Please be courteous to fellow online learners and bring your own earbuds or headphones with you to the virtual learning space.

How can I find virtual learning spaces?

A list of virtual learning spaces is available, and all virtual learning spaces are being added to the UA Campus Map.

How many virtual learning spaces are there on campus?

UA has designated 65 spaces as virtual learning spaces across campus in several convenient locations.