You can host synchronous, virtual office hours using Zoom. This is a good option to supplement other ways of being available to students. Using the waiting room feature enables you to allow students in one at a time. During the meeting, you are still able to see if there are others in the waiting room. You can send them a private message letting them know you are currently with someone and will be with them shortly.

Schedule a recurring Zoom Meeting with a Waiting Room

  • Log into the Zoom web portal (
  • Click My Account, then click on Meetings
  • Click the Schedule a New Meeting button
  • Fill in your desired time and set the duration
  • Check Recurring Meeting and set your desired frequency
  • Set remaining options to your preferences and click save.
  • On the Summary page for your meeting, copy the Invite Attendees link to share with your students via email, syllabus, or Blackboard.
  • When you are ready to start office hours, start the meeting and wait for students to appear in the waiting room.

You can learn more about Scheduling Recurring Meetings on Zoom’s website