Zoom is a great way to enabled individual or group presentations remotely. Instructors can use Spotlight to gather and focus on the participants(s) who are presenting.

How to Spotlight Presenter Video in Zoom

Zoom Basics for Presenters

  • Before your first session, invite a friend to do a trial run with you. Try all features you plan to use in your presentation…share your screen, go through your slides, use the chat feature, test your microphone.
  • Join your class early to ensure a proper connection.
  • Restart/reboot your computer before the start of your meeting, at least within 24 hours of your meeting.
  • Try to use a fast, stable internet connection. A wired connection is recommended; use wireless if reliable. This will help ensure your connection does not falter or drop during the meeting.
  • Secure a quiet, distraction-free physical location to attend your session.
    • Avoid having more than one computer or device within earshot logged into the same meeting, as it may cause a distracting echo effect for you and other participants in the session.
    • Use headphones to avoid echo.
  • Turn your camera on and have you camera at eye level.
    • Be aware of your backdrop and surroundings, which can be distracting. Consider sitting in front of a blank wall.
    • Choose a space with good lighting.

Presenting Tools

Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation
Screen Share A Keynote Presentation
Sharing your screen, content, or second camera
Using annotation tools on a shared screen or whiteboard
Optimizing a shared video clip in full screen
Sharing Computer Sound During Screen Sharing

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