What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos. Commentators can add remarks by means of microphone, webcam, keyboard, or telephone. This allows for group discussion, analysis, or presentation around shared media.

VoiceThread can be used within Blackboard to:

  • Collaboratively produce group presentations.
    Share videos, images, and documents and solicit feedback, questions, and/or analysis.
  • Gather perspectives on an idea or concept.
  • Build a sense of community and social presence in an online/hybrid class.
  • Practice and/or simulate skills or work through a case/situation/question.
  • Introduce yourself to the class (e.g. ice breaker activities).

VoiceThread meets accessibility recommendations with:

  • Closed captioning capabilities.
  • VoiceThread Universal (specifically for screen-readers). You can accessVoiceThread Universal here: http://www.voicethread.com/universal.
  • Variety of options for participation (webcam, audio, text, etc.).

VoiceThread Best Practices

  • Start with small, low-stakes assignments.
  • Model desired behavior/participation/feedback.
  • Given that VoiceThread is a new tool, provide a description for your students explaining what VoiceThread is and how you will be using it in your course. Below is some generic text you are welcome to adapt:
    • “VoiceThread is an online tool that allows us to converse with video, text, and/or voice in response to images, documents, and videos. In this course, we will use VoiceThread to XXXXX. You do not need to create personal VoiceThread accounts. When you click on the links in our Blackboard course, you will be automatically logged in to a class VoiceThread. Please familiarize yourself with the tool prior XXXXX. You can access tutorials and support materials here: VoiceThread Support for Students. As always, please ask if you have questions.”