Turnitin can provide information about matches to words and passages from billions of webpages, a variety of periodicals, journals, and publications, and also student papers previously submitted to Turnitin. Turnitin includes an online paper grading feature and a peer review feature. To utilize Turnitin in your Blackboard course, follow the steps below.

Creating a Turnitin Assignment
Accessing Student Submissions in Turnitin
Accessing the Originality Report Showing Text Matches
Using Turnitin for Peer Reviews
Syllabus Statement

Creating a Turnitin Assignment

  1. Open the Blackboard course in which you wish to use Turnitin.
  2. Create or open a Content Area where students will access the Turnitin Assignment.
  3. Click on the Assessments button at the top of the Content Area.
  4. Select Turnitin  Assignment.
    Note: The first time you access Turnitin you may be required to respond to an agreement regarding the use of Turnitin.  
  5. In the  Select Your Assignment Type box select Paper  Assignment. 
  6. After creating one Turnitin assignment in a course you will have options that include PeerMark Assignment and Revision Assignment. You can choose Revision Assignment if the assignment is a revision of a paper submitted to Turnitin previously, and you do not want the new version checked for matches with the previous version. 
  7. Click onNext  Step. 
  8. Enter a title for the assignment in the Assignment title field. You have the option to add points for the assignment. Adding points can be helpful if you will be using the GradeMark feature for grading the paper online.
  9. In the Start date field, click the dropdown arrows and select the date and time you would like the assignment to first be available.
  10. In the Due date field, click the dropdown arrows and select the date and time the assignment is due.
  11. In the Post date field, click the dropdown arrows and select a date and time after the due date. The post date can determine when students see their originality reports, grades and comments from the Turnitin grading feature.
  12. Click on the Optional settings link.
  13. Select the options you will use for this assignment. If you plan to use the PeerMark feature for peer reviews, check No for “Allow submissions after the due date?” Under “Generate Originality Reports for student submissions” the choice “immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)” will allow those students who complete assignments early to view the report and make revisions until the assignment is due.
  14. Select Yes under “Allow students to see Originality Report” unless there is a reason for the students not to view the matches between their papers and the Turnitin database. You can choose whether you want the papers submitted for your assignment to be added to the Turnitin database under “Submit papers to”. You can also choose which parts of the Turnitin database you would like your student papers compared with for matches under “Search Options”. You have the option to create or choose a rubric (criteria for grading assignments) under the heading GradeMark. You will be able to select grammar checking settings if you plan to use Turnitin to grade student submissions.
  15. You can check the box at the bottom of the Options list to save these options for future assignments. Click on the Submit  button. 
  16. Creating a Turnitin assignment will automatically create a grading column in the Blackboard Grade Center. 
  17. Click OK when you see the “Turnitin Assignment successfully added” message.

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Accessing Student Submissions in Turnitin

  1. Go to the menu on the left side of your course and open the Course Tools area under the Control Panel heading.
  2. Click on Turnitin Assignments.
  3. Click on the title of the assignment to view student submissions in the Turnitin Inbox.

Accessing the Originality Report Showing Text Matches

  1. Click on the percentage or the colored square under Similarityto view the originality report that shows what content in the paper matches content in the Turnitin database. This report opens in a new window. Check behind your current browser window if it does not automatically appear.
  2. Click on the number associated with a match to view the match with surrounding text or to view the full source of a match. 
  3. When you click on a number for a match to text that matches a submission to another institution, you will have the option to ask Turnitin try to locate the original instructor and request permission for you to view the original paper. Since instructors may have changed institutions since teaching a course where a paper was originally submitted, Turnitin may be unable to locate the instructor.
  4. You can change whether matches are made to materials inside quotation marks, bibliographies, and matches of various sizes by clicking on a funnel-shaped icon on the bottom right side of the screen.
  5. Originality reports can be downloaded by clicking on a printer icon on the bottom left of the screen.

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Using Turnitin for Peer Reviews

  1. PeerMark allows students to conduct peer reviews of papers submitted by other students in the class. A paper assignment must be created first before the students can conduct peer reviews of papers from other students. A Paper Assignment must be created where the students will submit papers to be reviewed before setting up a PeerMark Assignment.
  2. Click on the Assessment link in a content area and select Turnitin Assignment. 
  3. Select PeerMark Assignment from the “Select your assignment type” box and click on Next Step. 
  4. Choose the assignment submitted to Turnitin that will be reviewed. Indicate points for the review and due dates.
  5. Use Show more optionsto change the assignment title, add instructions to the assignment, allow students to view the names of students who wrote or reviewed papers, and allow students who do not submit an assignment to review assignments.
  6. Click on Save & Continue. 
  7. Next, you will choose how the papers will be selected for review. The default is for each student to review one paper. Select Editif you want students to review more papers or would like them to conduct a self-review.
  8. The default option is to allow Turnitin to randomly assign papers, but you can set rules regarding which papers students can review. Select Show more distribution options to change from the default random selection of papers. If you have used the Blackboard Student View feature in this class, it is recommended that you open Show more distribution options and use Exclude Students to exclude the Demo User from the distribution of student papers.
  9. Click on Add Questionto have the students give written free responses, use a scale for their review or prompt the students with topics or questions they use for their reviews. You can create libraries of questions that can be reused by clicking on Save to libraryafter creating a question or topic for peer review. Click on Save & Finish. 

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Syllabus Statement

On the advice of University Counsel, the paragraph below should be included in the syllabus of courses where Turnitin will be used.

The University of Alabama is committed to helping students uphold the ethical standards of academic integrity in all areas of study. Students agree that their enrollment in this course allows the instructor the right to use electronic devices to help prevent plagiarism. All course materials are subject to submission to Turnitin.com for the purpose of detecting textual similarities. Assignments submitted to Turnitin.com will be included as source documents in Turnitin.com’s restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such documents. Turnitin.com will be used as a source document to help students avoid plagiarism in written documents.

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