FERPA Notice: grade data and student work that is downloaded from Blackboard is FERPA-protected material and should be secured appropriately. Consider using Box to store this content.

To back up or download Turnitin student submissions, click on Course Tools in the Blackboard Course Management menu and select Turnitin Assignments.  Click on any assignment to which students have previously submitted work.  Select any or all of the students by placing a checkmark next to their names.  Once a student has been selected, a new menu will appear that will give the instructor several options concerning the format of their download.

  • Original File – This will download the student submissions in their original file format, Microsoft Word for example.
  • Original File as PDF – This option will provide the instructor with a .zip file containing PDF versions of all submissions.
  • Online Grading Paper – When this option is selected, Turnitin will generate a PDF for each submission that includes instructor grades, comments, and a simplified version of the online similarity report.

Note: The Original File as PDF and Online Grading Paper options may require several minutes of processing time.  Once the conversions are complete, instructors can download the files using a link that will be sent to their Turnitin Messages.

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