In order for an instructor to identify which students gave which clicker responses to questions, the students register their clickers through a link in their Blackboard course for their class. Instructors must add the TurningPoint Registration Tool to your Blackboard Learn course so that the students can register their clickers.

Add Clicker Registration Link to Your Course Menu

  1. Click the Plus Sign in the top left of the Course Menu.
    Add link button is in top left of menu above the course name
  2. Click on the Tool Link option.
    Tool link appears in drop down
  3. Name the tool. We recommend “Register Clickers Here.”
    Tool Link Options
  4. Choose Clicker Registration.
  5. Check Available to Users.
  6. Click Submit.

Adding this to your course will enable your students to register their clickers for use in your class. Each student will need to click on the registration link, create a Turning account, redeem their license, and register their device.