Q: Is there a way to go to Blackboard without using DUO?
A: Yes. You can go directly to http://ualearn.blackboard.com and log in with the username and password used for myBama.
Q: Does the Blackboard app require DUO?
A: No. Students can view many Blackboard items through the Blackboard app. We do not recommend taking major exams through the Blackboard app.
Q: Will Blackboard work OK now that I use DUO to log into myBama?
A: Yes. You can still get to Blackboard from myBama through either Blackboard course links or the Blackboard icon at the top of myBama. You should close myBama once you are in Blackboard.
Q: Does Blackboard time out when myBama times out?
A: We recommend that you close myBama once you get to Blackboard. Blackboard can time out when myBama times out. The timeout for Blackboard when there has been no activity is 3 hours. MyBama times out after 30 minutes.