As with Tegrity, Panopto will be available in most rooms on campus. Instructors will have the option to install the Panopto recorder on their home and office computers. Both systems are similar in terms of capabilities and workflow. We hope that current Tegrity users will find this transition relatively painless.

While the basics of these two systems are very similar, Panopto has a considerably more robust set of features. Here are a few examples of the features that Panopto offers that were previously unavailable to our Tegrity users:

  • Panopto recordings can be downloaded as MP4s. MP4 files can be viewed on most devices.
  • Panopto recordings can be combined. Have you ever forgotten to say something important during a recorded lecture? Now, you will be able to simply create a new recording with the missing information and combine it with your original classroom recording.
  • The Panopto editor offers numerous improvements over Tegrity’s. Users should find this interface to be more intuitive and much more forgiving thanks to Panopto’s non-destructive editing method.Panopto Editor
  • Panopto allows you to embed quizzes directly into your recordings. As students watch a video they can periodically be required to answer questions before moving on.

While Panopto offers many improvements over Tegrity, Panopto does not include the built-in annotation tools that were available in Tegrity. While we do not have a replacement for this feature, we would like to encourage faculty who use their classroom touch screens for writing and drawing to consider using the annotation tools that are available in PowerPoint or in Microsoft Ink which is available in most Campus Classrooms.  Please visit our Microsoft Ink tutorial page for more information.