What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework to guide the design of learning environments that are accessible and challenging for alla 2). UDL guidelines include:
  • provide multiple means of engagement
  • provide multiple means of representation
  • provide multiple means of action
  • provide multiple means of expression

How can Flipgrid support UDL?

Here is more information on how Flipgrid strives to be inclusive of everyone:

  1. Closed Captions – By default, all new Topics have Closed Captions turned on. Educators can turn off Closed Captions and all new videos will no longer be processed. Educators can edit closed captions and add closed captions to videos without audio within their educator account.
  2. Immersive Reader – Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is built into Flipgrid to help young learners, students with dyslexia, and to translate text. The Immersive Reader helps students with features like reading text out loud, breaking text it into syllables and increasing the spacing between lines and letters. Learn more about Immersive Reader.
  3. Student-Generated Transcripts – Students can include their own transcripts as an attachment link. The final step before submitting their video they can edit their display name, add a Title, and attach a Link. They just need a URL to a document with their transcript (Google Doc, Word Online, or something similar).
  4. Text with Video – Students participate using video on Flipgrid and they have a number of options to add text to their video submissions. In addition to attaching a text file, students can style their video with text or drawing. Additionally, students can upload a picture of their text transcript as a sticker to place alongside their video.
  5. Accessibility best practices – We make sure Flipgrid is navigable by keyboard, works with voice-over & screenreader technology, font sizes can be increased, and other best practices for accessibility.

More on Flipgrid and Accessibility

Suggestions for including UDL with Flipgrid

Be Flexible

Not everyone wants to be on camera, or has the technology, privacy, or perhaps an environment they are comfortable sharing. Students can use video filters to distort their image so the user appears in Lego-style blocks or pixels.
If students do not have a camera or microphone, Flipgrid allows for text or audio only uploads. They can use the board feature combined with the text tools to write or draw.

Maximize Student Engagement

Flipgrid enables students to engage with each other asynchronously. They can view and comment on each other’s videos. The many filters in Flipgrid encourage creativity, too!

Explore the Immersive Reader

The immersive reader is a valuable asset for students who prefer to have content read to them or for students who struggle with reading. It is also helpful for non-native English speaking students and/or foreign language learners. A few features include:

  • Light and Dark mode
  • Enlarge text
  • Change text style and color
  • Translator

Learn more about UDL from CAST, an organization helping educators and organizations apply insights from the learning sciences and leading-edge practices to educational design and implementation.

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