The University of Alabama, through its participation in the Internet 2 community, offers Box accounts to UA faculty, staff, and students. These accounts allow for cloud storage, secure file and data sharing and collaboration with others at UA, as well as with outside collaborators.

Adding Email Aliases to Box
Adjusting Individual Folder Notification Settings
Adding Your Class Roster as Collaborators

About Your Account

In order to better serve the campus community, OIT automatically creates Box accounts for students, faculty, and staff. Users may login to Box by clicking the UA Box link on the Tech tab in myBama. For more information about UA Box accounts, visit OIT’s website.

Accessing Box

  1. Sign in to myBama with your myBama username and password.
  2. Go to the Tech Tab. In the Software Spotlight channel, click on the link for Click here for your first time setup. Here, you can also find more information about Box.
  3. You will be taken to the Box Welcome page. Click Continue to proceed to your UA Box account.
  4. UA Box should open with your new account ready to use.

Adding Email Addresses to Box

Box is a collaboration and cloud storage tool available to all University of Alabama faculty, students and staff. For faculty and staff, Box accounts are set up with your myBama as your email address by default. Students’ email addresses are automatically added. In some cases, different UA departments will use additional email addresses (aliases) for their faculty and staff. For example, Arts and Sciences faculty and staff often have an email address that ends in To set up your Box account to properly handle collaboration requests that are sent to your email aliases, the aliases need to be added to your Box Account Settings.

  1. Log in to your UA Box account.
  2. In the top right corner, click on account icon or photo.
  3. From the menu that appears, choose Account Settings.
  4. Locate the Login and Email Addresses section and choose Add Email.
  5. In the field that appears, enter the email address you would like to affiliate with your Box account and choose Save.
  6. Box will send a verification message to the new email address. Check the email for the address you have added and choose Verify Email to confirm the address.
  7. If a verification email from Box is not present, check Spam or Junk Mail folders or return to the Box account settings and choose Resend Confirmation.
  8. After the new address has been verified, you will receive an email confirmation and notification the next time you log in to UA Box.

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Adjusting Individual Folder Notification Settings

  1. Log into Box, then select the folder that you’d like to receive notifications for.
  2. Click on the More Options (3 dots) link next to the folder name, then the Settings link.
  3. This will open the Settings page for the folder. At the very bottom of that page, you’ll see the Emails and Notifications settings that can be adjusted.
  4. Click Override default settings for this folder and all subfolders.
  5. Select the actions you want notifications for, then Save Changes.

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Adding Your Class Roster as Collaborators

UA Box allows for the addition of other users (Collaborators) to folders created in Box. This is a great way to share content with specific people. To share a Box folder only with students in a particular class, you can download their emails from the class roster in MyBama and add them to the folder as collaborators.

  • NOTE: These instructions assume your default email client is Outlook. For this technique to work in Outlook for Windows, you will need to copy a semicolon-delimited file from myBama. To select a semicolon-delimited file:
    • Log into myBama, open the Faculty tab, click the Faculty & Advisors link, then the Select Email Delimiter link.
    • In the Select Delimiter dialog, click Semi-colon and press Submit.
    • Close the Select Email Delimiter tab in your browser to return to myBama.
  1. In myBama, click the Faculty tab, then the Faculty & Advisors link in the Banner Self Service channel.
  2. Select Summary Class List.
  3. In the Select Term window that appears, select the correct term and press Submit.
  4. In the Select a CRN window that opens, select the class roster you’d like to copy and press Submit.
  5. The Class Roster will appear. Click the Email Class Link (or icon) at the bottom of the roster.
  6. This will open your default email application, create a new message, and populate the BCC field with the email addresses for your class.
  7. Click in the BCC field, and Select All (ctrl+A), then select Copy (ctrl+C) to copy the list of addresses. Log into Box. Select the folder you’d like to share with your students, then click on the Share button and select Invite Collaborators.
  8. In the Invite to Folder dialog box, paste the copied email addresses ( ctrl+V), and select the invitee permissions level you’d like for the students to have.
  9. Add a personal message if desired, and Click Send Invites. Your students will now be collaborators in the folder.

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