Information on how to access your UA Box account can be found in the “Getting Started with Box” tutorial.

Once you have logged into your UA Box account:

  1. Choose New > New Folder.
  2. Enter a folder name that will make sense to you, the note taker(s), and the student(s) who access the notes. Example: UA-101-Class-Notes. Note: Do not invite collaborators at this point. Select “Create”.
  3. Select Settings from the More Options menu. The Settings window opens. Under Privacy, check Hide collaborators and their activity from non-owners. This step is very important in order to maintain student privacy. Click Save Changes.
  4. To allow students who need notes to access them, click Share and choose Invite Collaborators.
  5. In the Invite field, add the Crimson email account(s) for the student(s) who need class notes, as well as your note-taker. After typing an email address, Enter/Return to add another address. For Invited Permission, choose Viewer Uploader. Enter a message to the student(s).  Sample message: This is the folder where class notes for UA-101 will be placed by your classmates. To access your UA Box account, go to the myBama Tech tab, then Software Spotlight channel, and choose UA Box login.
  6. Select Send Invites.
  7. The note takers will be able to access the folder through their individual UA Box accounts, and will add files as needed.
  8. Students who need notes as an accommodation will access the folder via their individual UA Box accounts.

For faculty assistance with UA Box, contact the Faculty Resource Center at 205-348-3532 or

For student assistance with UA Box, contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or