It is strongly recommended that students follow these guidelines to help avoid problems when taking tests in Blackboard Learn. While no amount of preparation can account for all possible issues, this information can minimize the chance of experiencing a technical problem.


  • Use a wired internet connection. Do not use a wireless or satellite connection, if possible.
  • Close or quit any other programs running on the computer.
  • Read the Test Instructions section at the top of the test. This area tells you the time limit, number of attempts, and test presentation.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel as little as possible. Scrolling the wheel right after clicking an answer choice may inadvertently change an answer on a question.
  • Click on the Save Answer button to the right of each question after selecting an answer.
  • Always wait for Blackboard to finish processing a request before clicking another button. Do not rush through the test and click several buttons at once.
  • Do NOT resize or refresh the browser window after beginning a test. Make sure it is the desired size before beginning the test.
  • Do not double-click.
  • Do not use the back and forward buttons on the browser to navigate within a test. To move from question to question, only use the navigation within the test.
  • Do not maximize or minimize the browser during the test. Do not switch between multiple windows or tabs, or open other programs. If your instructor allows you to use your notes, print them out before taking the test.
  • At the end of the test, click the Submit button and wait to receive the confirmation message that the test was submitted successfully. The report includes: first name, last name, name of the assessment, course name, username, course ID, and date/time of submission. Some instructors may ask students to print or email a screenshot of the report as verification.

Troubleshooting test problems:

  • If anything goes wrong during your test, contact your instructor and the Center for Instructional Technology.
  • If you see a lock symbol when checking your grade for a test, this indicates that the test was not submitted correctly. Inform your instructor and ask how to proceed. Your instructor is the only person who can clear your attempt or allow another attempt allowing you to retake a test.
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