Instructor Recommendations for Blackboard Learn Tests

Following these recommendations may help avoid common problems associated with Blackboard Learn tests. While no amount of preparation can account for all possible issues, this information can minimize the chance of experiencing a problem.

  • If myBama is open while using Blackboard, myBama may timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. Blackboard will also timeout, only in this instance, without warning. Avoid this by closing myBama and logging into Blackboard directly via
  • Be aware that Blackboard has a 3-hour inactivity time limit. If you plan to create a long, single-paged test, ask students to click the Save button frequently in order to avoid being “timed out”.
  • We recommend that students take exams on wired internet connections, if possible.
  • When making a test available, instructors have the option of controlling how much information a student is given when the test is completed. If you choose all options available under Test Feedback, each student will receive the answer to each question, marked either correct or incorrect and, if his/her answer is incorrect, what the correct answer is. Some instructors do not want this information available due to concerns about exam security.
  • Resizing the browser window, hitting the back or forward buttons of a browser, or losing an internet connection while taking a test in Blackboard may cause the student to lose access to his/her test and result in an incomplete attempt, indicated by a lock symbol.
  • We do not recommend the use of Force Completion. If you have enabled the Force Completion setting on the test and a student gets kicked out of the test for any reason, the student will NOT be allowed to re-enter the test if they do lose access due to a technical issue mentioned previously or close the window accidentally. There is no way to allow them to continue the attempt, just to give them another one.
  • Although Blackboard Learn scores fill-in-the-blank questions automatically, it is highly recommended that instructors review these scores. Even though Blackboard Learn allows an instructor to provide several options as the correct answer, one will most probably not be able to predict all of the variants that might be acceptable, including blank spaces in the beginning or at the end of an otherwise correct answer.
  • To reduce last-minute technical issues and crises, prepare a practice online test that is similar in the settings and types of questions you will use in graded tests.
  • After a student has successfully submitted his/her assessment, a submission report displays the student’s first name, last name, name of the assessment, course name, username, course ID, and date/time of submission. You may ask the student to print or email you a screen shot of the report as proof of submission (in case of a technical problem).
  • Share our Testing Tips for Students with your class to help them avoid typical technical problems.
  • Because it is possible, even after taking precautionary steps, for students to encounter problems with online tests in Blackboard, always have a backup plan for students to take the test (paper copy of the exam, alternative date, etc.)
  • Be advised that some PNG images have been shown not to display properly in all browsers. If you are using images in your tests, preview the test before delivering it to your students to make sure the images display properly.
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