A supersection is when you combine two or more Blackboard courses. Using the Blackboard Learn Section Maintenance tool in MyBama, instructors of record can combine courses to be more efficient. Often cross-listed courses, individual sections, or lab sections are combined.

Before you combine:

  • Courses that overlap in enrollment, such as labs and lectures, should not be combined.
  • Courses that already have student submissions should not be combined. Student work that has been done already becomes trapped in the child courses.
  • Courses with content will not retain their content when merged with the Section Maintenance Tool, but we can do this for you.
  • When you combine your courses into a supersection, you create a new shell which you will use instead of the “child courses” or individual sections. Blackboard calls the supersection a “master course.” Your students will still access their course by its name, but they will be directed to this combined supersection.
  • A supersection looks like this in Blackboard:
    Child Courses look like this:
    202010-CIT-100-001 (unavailable- Child course of 202010-SS-CIT-100-001-CIT-100-002)
    202010-CIT-100-002 (unavailable- Child course of 202010-SS-CIT-100-001-CIT-100-002)
  • All the students will be in one grade center. You can create groups manually to separate them for some things, but if not, it is like a single course. They can all communicate with each other on discussion boards and other course tools. You can email them all at once.
  • Enrollments continue to sync with Banner, so if anyone drops or adds, they will do so in Blackboard.
  • You can still import final and midterm grades for your course using the Import from Blackboard Learn button in MyBama.
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