LMS Course Retention Policy

Learning management system courses are subject to removal from the system two (2) years following the end of the semester in which they are taught. For example, a course taught in spring 2015 may be removed in June 2017.  Learning management system courses created administratively rather than through the course registration system, referred to as non-integrated courses, are subject to removal following two (2) years of inactivity.

Backing Up Blackboard Content

There are several methods by which you can back up Blackboard content. The method you select will be determined by what type of content you want to save.


Archive creates a snapshot of the course. It includes course content, grades and course interactions, such as discussions, blog posts and assignment submissions. When this option is selected, the Blackboard system will create a ZIP file that you can download and save. Be advised that this file contains FERPA-protected information, and should be stored securely.

How to Archive a Blackboard Course


The Export function creates a ZIP file of course content that can be used to create a new course. This option does not contain any user data, and is not FERPA protected. You can select what content to export during the export process.

Packages are .zip files. Don’t unzip an export package as it won’t import. You may have to change your system/browser preferences to avoid this happening automatically.

How to Export Blackboard Content

Course Copy

Course Copy is used to copy course content from a Blackboard course into a new or existing Blackboard course. This method is often used when copying content from a prior semester’s course into a new course shell for an upcoming semester.

Copy Content from one Blackboard Learn Course to Another Blackboard Learn Course

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