Instructors who give exams that are scanned and scored by UA Testing Services can import the student test results into the Blackboard Learn Grade Center.

Obtaining the Student Test Results

  1. Log into myBama and open the Faculty tab.
  2. Locate the section Faculty Teaching and select Faculty Services under Testing Services.
  3. Click on the name of the course to the left of the Test Description for the test results you would like to import.
    Click on the course name in Red
  4. Locate the Blackboard Learn export options toward the bottom of the screen. Select the button to the left of either Raw Score (points out of total points) or Percentage Score (points out of 100). Then click on the Blackboard Learn Export button.This will download a .CSV file to your computer.
    Blackboard Learn Export Button is below settings
    Do not open the file in a word processing or spreadsheet program (Microsoft Word or Excel, for example)and then attempt to import it!!!! Even if the file extension is maintained, formatting characters can be inserted that cause file upload errors. If it is necessary to edit the file before importing to Blackboard Learn, this can be done in a basic text editor (Notepad or TextEdit).

Importing Student Test Results into Blackboard Grade Center

  1. Open the Blackboard Learn course.
  2. In the bottom left of the screen, in the course Control Panel, click on Grade Center to expand its options. Navigate to the Full Grade Center.
  3. In the top right hand area of the Grade Center, click the Work Offline button and choose Upload from the drop down menu.
  4. Click Browse My Computer and navigate to the scores file.
  5. Click Open. Click Submit.
  6. A confirmation screen will show what is imported.
    • If an Import Error occurs, a student may have entered an incorrect username on the test sheet. Enter that score into the Grade Book manually.
  7. By default, the column that is created will be a non-­‐grade text column with no grade value. To change the column type and value:
    1. Locate the newly created column in the far right of the grade center.
    2. Next to the title of the column, click on the action link (dropdown arrow) and choose Edit Column Information.
    3. Change the Primary display to the desired type, and enter the points possible. This is also where the column name, category, and options regarding showing the grade to students can be determined.
    4. Click Submit.
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