The course copy tool allows you to copy content from one existing UA Blackboard course to another. This can help you get a head-start on setting up a course you’ve taught before, or reuse content. You can also copy content to other instructor’s courses if you are enrolled in the course, which can be helpful in teaching courses with the same curriculum.

  1. Navigate to the Blackboard course that has the content you want to copy. Under the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities. Then click Course Copy.
  2. In the Select Copy Type section, the dropdown menu should be set to Copy Course Material into an Existing Course.
  3. In the Select Copy Options section, click the Browse button.
  4. Select the destination course from the popup window. You can sort the list by clicking the headings at the top. Click the Submit button at the bottom when done.
  5. Click Select All to copy all existing Content Areas to the destination course, or check each content area, depending on what you want to copy. This list will contain all Content Areas in the course. It also includes Settings and Grade Center Columns, along with other content.
    • If you have graded content, like assignments, you may need to select the Grade Center for everything to copy correctly. You can always delete or hide columns you do not want later.
  6. Check the Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder) option. This will copy all of the contents of your course.
    • If there is content you do not want to copy, click Manage Package Content. Here you can select files you would like to remove from the copy.
  7. In the Enrollments section, leave the box unchecked so that enrollments are not copied.
    • Checking this box would copy all students and others enrolled in the course. Users added to a course by accident must be removed by the CIT Admin Team.
  8. Click Submit to begin the course copy process. Large courses may take a while to copy. When the course copy is queued, you will receive a success message at the top of the Packages and Utilities screen. When the course is copied successfully, you will receive an email notification and a success message in the destination course. When a message is received, check to see that your content has copied correctly.
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