Integrations allow you to easily access information, documents, and services outside of Blackboard Learn. Many are LTIs, which integrate third-party resources into Blackboard Learn in a secure and seamless way. Others are REST APIs,  which allow a developer to create applications that are loosely coupled to the Blackboard Learn server, letting the server serve information without risking possible interference with the server.

Beginning August 12, 2021, no new building blocks will be added to UA’s instance of Blackboard Learn. All new integrations must be LTI and/or REST API.

If you are interested in a third-party tool that is not integrated with UA’s instance of Blackboard Learn, please see the Blackboard Integration Request Guidelines.

Support for Third Party Tools

While the Center for Instructional Technology will attempt to provide support for third party tools when possible, there are limitations to our control over third-party vendor products and vendor support responsiveness. Most of the time, operation of the third party tools and product accounts/registration will be managed and supported by the tool provider.

Retention and Ongoing Maintenance

The Center for Instructional Technology reserves the right to disable or remove any integration that becomes a vulnerability to the system. We will review third-party integrations periodically and will assess whether integrations continue to meet the needs of UA’s LMS users.

Resources for Third-Party Vendors and Developers

The University of Alabama will not install integrations that are still being developed. Vendors and developers needing access to a Blackboard Learn instance for integration development should explore Blackboard Partner programs.

Current Integrations

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