From within a Blackboard Learn course, follow these steps to add a user. Any person with a Bama username can be added to a course in Blackboard Learn.

Note: Student enrollment, including withdrawal, is automatically sent from Banner to Blackboard Learn. Contact the Center for Instructional Technology if Blackboard student users do not match Banner enrollment, to have a user removed, or if you run into an error message.

  1. With Edit Mode On, click on Control Panel, then select Users and Groups. Click on Users.
  2. When the Users screen appears, click on Find Users to Enroll, located above the search interface and the list of users.

    Find Users To Enroll Button location
  3. Enter the myBama username (example: smith001, jdoe) of the person to be added, or add multiple usernames separated by commas.
    Note: MyBama usernames  for students are the letters before the @ of a email address. Do not user the browser button.

    Enroll users
  4. Select the appropriate user role from the Role dropdown. Student, Instructor, or Teaching Assistant will meet most needs. Read descriptions of user roles on Blackboard’s site.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. If the user is successfully added, a confirmation message will be shown and the user will appear in the Users list. Make sure the search field is empty.
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