Zoom is not integrated with Blackboard Learn, but a link to a Zoom meeting can be shared with students in Blackboard Learn. To get the link, start by logging into Zoom.us.

Instructors must request a Zoom account from the UA System Office. See OIT’s website for more information on Zoom and how to get an account.
  1. From the Meetings page of the Zoom web portal, click on the topic of your meeting. If you have not created a meeting yet, see tutorials from Zoom support.Zoom Meetings portal
  2. This opens the details for your meeting. Under Invite Attendees you’ll see the link for your meeting. Highlight and copy the link.
    Zoom meeting details
  3. Log in to your course in Blackboard Learn and navigate to the Content Area in which you want to share your Zoom Meeting link.
  4. Click Build Content and select Web Link from the dropdown.
    Web Link selection
  5. Fill in the Name Field with the name of your web link.
    • Paste the URL to your Zoom meeting in the URL field.
    • Add some descriptive text, such as when the session will be, in the Description field.
    • Click Submit.
      Web Link Information
  6. The link will appear in the Content Area.
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