Most of the functionality of Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing can be accessed through the menus. In addition to selecting menu options with your mouse, you can use mnemonics and, for some functions, keyboard shortcuts.

Main Menu Bar

The following menus are available in Blackboard Collaborate in the main menu bar:
  • File Menu: Contains file-related commands (New, Open, Save, and Print) for Whiteboard files,Multimedia files, files for transfer, quizzes, session plans, Chat conversations, and the Participants list. It is also where you will find the Exit command for closing Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing.
  • Edit Menu: Contains standard editing commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All) and enables you to open the Preferences dialog.
  • View menu: Contains commands for changing your window layout and changing content modes(Whiteboard, Application Sharing, and Web Tour).
  • Tools Menu: Contains sub-menus for using the various tools in Blackboard Collaborate:Application Sharing, Audio, Breakout Rooms, Chat, Graphing Calculator, In-Session Invite,Interaction, Moderator, Polling, Profile, Recorder, Session Plan, Telephony, Timer, Video, and Whiteboard.
  • Window Menu: Enables you to open the following windows: Activity, Session Plan, Graphing Calculator, Closed-Captioning, Quiz Manager, Notes, Multimedia Library, and File Transfer Library.
  • Help Menu: Gives you access to documentation (a table of Keyboard Shortcuts and the On-Demand Learning Center web site), provides diagnostic tools (that Support Personnel may ask you to use to help troubleshoot an issue), enables you to leave the session without closing the application (and then rejoin it) and provides general information about Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing software.

Drop-Down Menus

In addition to the menus in the main menu bar, Blackboard Collaborate has a number of drop-down menus throughout the interface. Two types of drop-down menus are noteworthy:

  • Options menu: Most of the main modules in the interface have their own Options menus to give you quick access to commands specific to those modules. These commands also can be found in the main menus. To open an Options menu, either click on it with your mouse or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O (Command+Shift+O on Mac).
    options menu represented by stack of lines
  • Participant interaction menu: There are two menus in the Participants panel that enable you to enter your feedback and responses in the Participants list: the Feedback menu and the Polling Response menu. By default, whatever you select from one of these menus will be displayed in the Participants list next to your name) for everyone to see. A Moderator may turn off the display of polling responses.

list of reactions with emojis
Feedback Menu

Yes, No, and None options
Polling Response Menu