Blackboard Collaborate is the web conferencing tool used for online collaboration and real-time lecture delivery.

Adding Collaborate to Your Course
Room Options
Enabling the Grade Center
Roles and Access

Adding Collaborate to Your Course

  1. Click on the plus sign in the top left corner of your course menu.
    Add link button is in top left of menu above the course name
  2. Select Tool Link from the dropdown menu. Enter a name for the link, then select Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager from the Type dropdown menu. Check the box to make the link available to students.
    Dropdown list for tool type
  3. The new tool link will appear at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. Click on the link.
  4. In the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager, click Create Session.The Create Session box appears in the Schedule a Session box.
  5. The Session Information screen will appear. The system will automatically name your session based on the course name. However, you can change this name to meet your specific needs. You will also set your start and end time for the session. The maximum duration is one year.
    A text box allows you to name the session, and a calendar allows you to choose the dates

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Room Options

Below the Session Information, you will find Room Options. This is where you will choose your Session Type, Teleconference Options, Room Attributes, Grade Center Integration, and Assign Roles.

    • For session type, you can choose Course or Shared. If you choose Course, all registered users in this course can attend. If you choose Shared, all users registered in courses you teach can attend.
      Radio buttons for course or shared session
    • For Teleconference Options, you will decide if you would like to have a dial-in option for students to use.
      choose built in, third-party, or no teleconference

      • Use built-in: the system generates a number and pin for participants and moderators to use.
      • Use third-party: you will provide the number and pin for participants and moderators to use.
    • For Room Attributes, you will choose your Recording Mode, Max Simultaneous Talkers, Max Cameras, View Private Messages, All Permissions, Raise Hand on Entry, Allow In-Session Invitations, Hide Names in Recordings, and Preload Content.
      Room attributes include many options with toggle switches

      • Recording Mode: controls for recording for the session.
      • Max Simultaneous Talkers: maximum number of simultaneous talkers allowed at the start of the session.
      • Max Cameras: maximum number of simultaneous cameras allowed at the start of the session.
      • View Private Messages: allows moderators to view all private chat messages within the session.
      • All Permissions: all participants have full permissions access to all resources, such as audio and Whiteboard.
      • Raise Hand on Entry: users automatically raise their hand when they join the session.
      • Allow In-Session Invitations: while in a session, moderators can invite users to join.
      • Hide Names in Recordings: names of participants are hidden when viewing a recording.
      • Preload Content: upload a file to use in the session.

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Enabling the Grade Center

The Grade Center Integration allows you to pull an attendance report once the session ends and push the points to the Grade Center. Click the toggle button to turn on, then allocate the appropriate points total.
Toggle button on opens points box

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Roles and Access

Roles and Access allows you to limit participation or grant moderator access to specific users.
Add all users as moderators checkbox, restrict participation check box, Add moderators and Add participants buttons

Click Save when all settings have been selected.

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