UA offers several tools and technologies that can assist with flexible learning modes. Review the example scenarios and tool comparison chart below to find the tool that fits your need.

Example Scenarios

Scenario 1: Hybrid

My class has lecture and lab components. The lecture will be asynchronous and the labs will meet online in small groups.

Use Panopto to record and share your lecture, as well as any information about the lab that students should receive before joining their online group session. Use Zoom or Collaborate Ultra for lab meetings.

Scenario 2: Face-to-Face

I’m teaching a face-to-face course but some students will be attending virtually. I need my students to be able to speak to each other in small groups during class.

Use Collaborate Ultra to teach your class and have students join from a computer or mobile device whether they are in class or not. Assign them to breakout rooms for group discussions. Record the session and make available after class for those who were not able to participate live.

Breakout Groups

Tool Comparison Chart





Microsoft Teams


  Synchronous meetings with recording available Synchronous meetings with recording available Asynchronous presentation and discussion tool Synchronous meetings with recording available Asynchronous video presentation or one-click synchronous webcasting


Integrated with Blackboard Yes No Yes No Yes
Integrated with Blackboard Grade Center Yes No Yes No No


Screen Share Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Share Yes Yes No Yes Yes
File Share Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Interactive Whiteboard Yes Yes No Not enabled No
Export Whiteboard No Yes n/a n/a n/a
Share Content to Breakout Groups Yes Messages only n/a n/a n/a
Share Computer Audio Yes (Chrome tab) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Share Video Yes (Chrome tab) Yes Yes Yes Yes


Session Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recording Download Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Recording Yes Yes No No Yes


Telephony (Phone Conferencing) Yes Yes n/a Yes Yes


Simultaneous Participant Video 4 up to 49 n/a 9 n/a
Live Closed Captioning Yes (Manual) Yes (Manual) No Not enabled No
Automated Captioning of Recordings No No No Manual Yes


Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Export Recorded Sessions Only Yes Yes No Yes
Private Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Browser pop-up notifications or alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Breakout Groups

Breakout Groups Yes Yes No Yes No
Breakout Group Recording No Yes n/a Yes n/a
Pre-assigned Participants No Yes n/a Yes n/a


Polling Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hand Raising Yes Yes n/a Yes No
Attendance/Session Report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invite Guests Yes Yes n/a No Yes
Maximum Number of Attendees 250-500 300 n/a 250 Unlimited
Session Time Limit No Unlimited (pro account) 40 min (basic account) Unlimited 8 hours No
Multiple Moderators Yes Yes n/a Yes n/a
Supported Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+, Safari 7+, IE 11+, Edge 12+ Chrome, Firefox, Safari (view only) and Edge (view only) Browser-based participation is limited Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Session Scheduling Yes Yes n/a Yes Yes**
Stores Content (content added to a session will be available until a Moderator deletes the content) Yes No n/a Yes Yes
Students Can Create Sessions No Account holders only n/a Upon Request Yes
Browser Based (no download required) Yes Yes, but download available Yes Yes Yes***

**Requires the use of Panopto Remote recorder. Contact for more information.

***Browser-based recording does not include the full Panopto feature set.  It is highly recommended that instructors record using the Panopto Recorder application.