UA has employed flexible course delivery modes for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters. The CIT has created playbooks for each course delivery mode. Learn more about suggested tools and methods for a smooth teaching and learning experience for each course type.


Synchronous in person instruction with classroom-based teaching and learning.


Synchronous in person and online instruction with both classroom and online teaching and learning.


Asynchronous online instruction with online teaching and learning methods and tools.

Interactive Audio/Video

Synchronous online instruction where students and instructors meet through videoconferencing tools.
Interactive A/V

Additional Help Links

Tool Comparison Chart

UA offers many technology tools that can be used for class meetings, office hours and video calls. Review our Tool Comparison Chart to find the best fit for your need.

Zoom or Panopto?

Should I use Zoom or Panopto in my course? This is a question we receive daily. We’ve got the answer in this Panopto video. Plus, we offer deep dives.

Course Material Downloads

When making course content available online, it’s important to know who has the ability to access and download those course materials. Review these tips to enhance the security of your course materials.

Student Engagement

Tips for regularly communicating with students and encouraging classroom engagement – virtually.

Virtual Learning Spaces

UA has designated more than 60 classrooms and meeting rooms as virtual learning spaces – areas where students can attend online class meetings while on campus.

Instructor Inspiration

Not sure where to start? Hear from fellow UA instructors on adjustments they’re making, with the help of instructional technology, for fall 2020.

ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit

The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) has many online resources for instructors, including an Online Teaching Toolkit.

OLC Faculty Playbook

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) offers a detailed Faculty Playbook for teaching in the COVID-19 environment.

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