When making course content available online, it’s important to know who has the ability to access and download those course materials. Review the items below to enhance the security of your course materials.


Instructors cannot prevent download of Blackboard Learn files.


If you wish to share a file in Box that you do not want the viewer to be able to download, use the collaborate permission:  “Previewer.” You can also use a shared link and set the access to “Can View Only.” In the link’s settings, you can also verify that the “Allow Download” option is not selected.


Settings can be customized for each Flipgrid video through topic moderation. Topic Moderation will default all student videos and comments to be hidden from other students and only visible to the educator. Once visible, students may download the media. Learn more on the Flipgrid website.


By default, students cannot download Panopto videos. If you wish to change this setting, instructors may make adjustments on the Panopto Overview tab.


Zoom offers many control and security options. A few of our favorite Zoom security tips include:

  • During meetings, disable the option for participants to record the meeting.
  • If an instructor needs to record and share a class meeting, upload the video to Panopto within Blackboard.
  • Review all Zoom security options on the Zoom website.

Learn more best practices and see answers to frequently asked questions on the UA Health Info site.